What to do when you can’t sleep

Insomnia is defined as the lack of sleep or the difficulty of getting sleep or disturbed sleep patterns. This state could be caused by poor sleeping habits, psychiatric and medical conditions or use of some substances, anxiety, stress or even depression.

Thus, what to do when you can’t sleep can be:
1. You can look for activities to do before bedtime and engage yourself in them to help you unwind
and make it recurrent in order to have a regular sleep schedule.
2. You should isolate your workplace from your bedroom to allow you to rest when you need to rest.
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3. Sometimes the mattress type could be the cause of lack of sleep so using the Best rated Memory Foam Mattress will enhance your sleep quality.
4. For those who exercise or do body workouts, it will be better to do the workout a little bit early in the day to ensure that the body has enough time to relax before bedtime.
write diary
5. Stress and anxiety is a cause of no sleep, it is advisable, therefore, to do journaling which is a way of addressing the problems you are going through so that they can not creep up to your mind when you are resting.
6. Caffeine is a stimulant and so it is meant to keep you awake so taking caffeine just before bedtime will hinder the sleep pattern and it will take some time before you get to sleep. you should, therefore, take caffeine earlier so that by bedtime the caffeine is out of the system.
7. A good nap helps to boost the body system but a good nap is recommended during the day and not hours after 3:00 pm because taking a nap during the late hours will make it harder for you to find sleep at night.You need to get out more and expose yourself o the sunlight as it has been proven that melatonin hormone produced by the brain is balanced and thus sleeping will be easier later in the day or night.
A healthy diet
8. A healthy diet goes without saying that it will improve the sleep patterns for an individual.Eating the right amounts of balanced vitamins especially those foods rich in vitamin B complex and minerals from vegetables, fish or nuts will assist you to find sleep.
9. Besides the intensive physical workout, one can engage in relaxation techniques that involve meditation like yoga and deep breathing since they are effective in improving the quality of sleep as well as regulating the sleep patterns.
10. Also, doing some leg exercises will allow the flow of the blood from the brain to other parts of the body and thus trigger sleep because by doing this you divert the brains activity.
11. It is advisable to indulge in a light meal during dinner since the digestion process is reduced during sleep thus if you indulge in a heavy meal you might find it hard to get sleep.
no alcohol
12. Alcohol binging is good sometimes but if you head to bed right after, it is advisable to take alcoholic drinks after meals because the body system is disrupted and falling asleep might be really difficult when under the influence.
13. Bright lights in the house may affect us and mostly when one is going to bed so you can help yourself by having lights that are a bit warm and dim so that your nervous system is not completely affected.
14. External noises definitely will make you lack sleep so, if its a radio or a movie you are watching in your room, you need to switch off before you sleep and if you live in a place where there a busy road or marketplace, you need to have machine that will suck up the noise and allow you to have your much-desired rest.
hot bath
15. After a long day of work and exposure to all sorts of interactions, a hot bath before bedtime can come in handy because the body temperatures after the shower are lowered allowing the body to feel the need to sleep by slowing down the metabolic activity.
16. As we have seen anxiety could cause lack of sleep so, one of the best ways to reduce anxiety is to drink Chamomile tea which will promote relaxation and thus lull you into sleep fast.
count sheep
17. What to do when you can’t sleep is easy but if none of this works, you can always count sheep until you are able to sleep.

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