What To Do In The Middle Of The Night[16 tips]

Anyone can come up with an activity during the day, there is a mass of institutions, schools, courses, sports or any other hobby. But what does it take to occupy yourself at night? If you are on duty, or you have insomnia or just need not fall asleep until morning … How to have fun?

We collected the best advice what to do in the middle of the night
TV shows
1. TV shows
Best time for watching favorite tv show – of course at night! Nobody takes your attention by phone call or any other thing.So choose a tv show according to your taste and watch whole season for 1 night!
Make small pizza party
2. Make small pizza party!
Are you a fan of delicious food, a connoisseur of classic recipes of Italian pizza and fresh dishes at any time of the day? Even at night?Nobody will shame you for eating some extra calories! And what to do in such situations when all supermarkets are closed, and you want to eat delicious hot pizza without spending a lot of time on cooking?
Choose the nearest restaurant for pizza delivery! You can you combine with point 1 – watching your favorite TV show.
3. Scrapbooking
You can choose a new hobby for yourself – at night, for example, scrapbooking. By the way, when you achieve success in this business, you can earn money on it, creating gift sets, for example. Choose the nearest restaurant for pizza delivery! You can you combine with point 1 – watching your favorite TV show.
Start a book
4. Start a book
The night it is a perfect time to open new talents! Maybe you are a talented writer? Start to write your own book or just
a story of your life. Or just start a read new book.
5. Social
If you have any social profile, make a fake one and try to comment your friend’s posts and photos from it, could bring much fun!
Or just create a long post in your social. Share your thoughts or just post some photos, maybe someone also cant sleep and you will have a chat.
Start your own vlog, about what to do in the middle of the night.
physical exercises
6. Make some physical exercises
Run down and up your stairs! how many times can you do that? 50 times? or maybe even 100? And how many squats can you
do? If you suddenly will feel that you want to sleep – this exercising will help you to avoid these.
Talk to Siri
7. Talk to Siri
You always have to talk with – if you have an iPhone. Talk to Siri. Great fun if you have 2 iPhones, turn on Siri on both and let them talk among themselves. I checked it is very funny.
Rearrange furniture
8. Rearrange furniture in your apartment.
The night it is a perfect time for it, maybe your neighbors will be not too happy, but the main thing – its result, renovated the living room, or bedroom. If you are very bored and don’t want pizza, you may also cook an ice cream! Homemade! Don’t forget to buy milk.
Visiting supermarket at night
9. Visiting supermarket at night
It also can help you to kill time and get some fun.
10. Why not dance
Of course, need to mention, that perfect place for night entertainment – it is a disco club, just choose the best one in your city and go there, maybe you will find new friends.
Write a wish list
11. Write a wish list.
Light candles, create a mythical atmosphere and write your wish list for this year. Perhaps some come true.
Take a bath
12. Take a bath
You may also use same candles, after writing a wish list. Add some oil in water and relax.
Play lego
13. Play lego
The night it is a perfect time for creating, your brain works in a different way. Create something unique, or just solve a puzzle, if you have it of course. 10 000 details for example.
Bath your pets
14. Bath your pets
If you have a cat or a dog, you also can wash him or her. You never have time on it in the day. Night – perfect time. You don’t have to be bored alone.
Wake up the neighbor's dogs
15. Wake up the neighbor’s dogs
You can go to the yard and pretend that you are a cat or create any other noise, but be careful. This extreme measures – when you are very bored. Better let the neighbors sleep, of course.
16. Get enough rest by just closing eyes.
The night it is a good time for meditation. Time for Yoga. If you never did it before, turn on any online course or video.

And don’t forget to create your own list of weird things to do at night. For example: “What to do in the middle of the night, my top 100 weird things”

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