Top 4 bedroom design ideas for 2018

In a hectic, fast-paced world, the best thing you can do for yourself is to spruce up your bedroom and give your hideout a makeover. But the reality is that we spend more time beautifying the living room, the dining area and other spaces that our guests can see, and overlook the details that can make our inconspicuous bedroom appear more livable and cosy for a good night’s rest.
With these bedroom design ideas, you can easily transform your room from a mere place of refuge to one that you would want to show off to all your friends and family. It’s time to get creative and make your bedroom look the best it can.
Make your room bigger by adding more mirrors.
Not everyone has the luxury of having a large bedroom. But with the help of mirrors, especially large, floor length ones, your little room will now appear to be much bigger and more spacious. In addition to this nifty bedroom design hack, having mirrors in your room can maximize the effect of natural light streaming into your humble abode. Strategic placing of mirrors can go a long way too. Try placing mirrors placed behind furniture such as
drawers that are slightly above waist level. You’ll be surprised to see how much more of a difference it can make to your room.
bed room design-4
Use fairy lights to achieve a dreamy, ethereal feel
Instead of settling for the common white lighting that is already in your room, why not decorate it with some fairy lights to illuminate some amber and to help you achieve a warm, cosy ambience too? Your bedroom should be a hideout for you to relax and think, and draping fairy lights is light and
simple enough to design your room with, and to help you get a more peaceful alone time.
bed room design-3
Frame your room with art and memories
Are your bedroom walls sad and bare? Then consider buying some art pieces to liven up those empty walls. It doesn’t have to be expensive art either. Be it colourful geometric shapes or scenic pictures, framing your walls can do wonders in boosting your creativity and imagination as well. If you have
a favourite family picture, you can also hang that up. There’s no limitations to what you can put on your walls, so just let your imagination flow.
bed room design-2
Share your room with little potted plants
If you’re having difficulty sleeping, or if you’re constantly stressed while figuring out how to do work within the walls of your room, having some plants around can serve to help you relax better. Plants not only make for great designs by the windows, they also have calming effects that can help to purify the air in your room. Not all plants are suitable though, so it is vital that you do your research before adding these little green friends to your space.
bed room design-1
Designing your bedroom may seem like a tall order, especially when you do not have much time and money for a design overhaul. But with these simple, yet affordable ideas, you can be sure that you will look forward to spending even more days tucked away in your beautiful sanctuary.

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